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We have a SPECIAL CASE that we are trying to find a SPECIAL FOREVER HOME for. His name is Bertie, he is a medium-sized, 14 years old (estimated) male, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, has a passport, de-wormed, treated against fleas regularly.

Bertie is a Romanian street dog, currently in foster care in Hastings, East Sussex. He is people/dog friendly, loving and playful; toilet trained, sleeps well at night, can be left alone for few hours and, once bonded with the owner, can be let off the lead. He’ll greet you with a lovely waggy tail! He loves head scratches and will paw at your hand to encourage you to continue! He can sit on command and is responsive to treat training! He is being delightful in his foster home and we are sure he can be just as delightful in his forever home!

Bertie’s Forever Home

Due to Bertie being an ex-street dog, he does have some behaviour difficulties the new owner should be aware of:

  • 1) Bertie DOES NOT like being picked up or handled too much – he is elderly, has age-related pains (managed and soothed by daily Yumove tablets & turmeric), he is a medium-sized dog and it’s uncomfortable for him to bear that weight while being lifted.

  • 2) Bertie DOES NOT like travelling by car.

  • 3) Bertie MAY get territorial in the house.

  • 4) Bertie MAY pull slightly on the lead & react to foxes/cats on walks.

  • 5) Bertie IS LIKELY to snap if he doesn’t want to do something, such as getting off the couch.

The foster home Bertie is currently in is dealing with all of these issues in a safe, easy-to-manage manner which can be discussed on the phone with anybody interested in adopting Bertie.

Ideally, we would like to find Bertie a forever home with someone who is FAIRLY ACTIVE, UNDERSTANDING OF DOG BEHAVIOUR & TRAINING GENERALLY, HAPPY TO TAKE ADVICE ON HOW TO SAFELY HANDLE BERTIE, COMMITTED TO OFFERING BERTIE PEACE AND LOVE IN HIS GOLDEN YEARS. Bertie’s perfect forever home would be somewhere in the countryside, a house with a large garden or farm-type property, AS AN ONLY DOG & ADULTS ONLY, who would be calm, but also confident in attitude.


If you or anybody you know would like to adopt Bertie, please get in touch with us!

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