Our Very Own Tesa’s Rescue Shelter in Romania

Tesa’s Rescue is a small group of volunteers with big ideas. We would like to acquire a plot of land where we could build a no-kill animal shelter which would help the ever-growing stray animals population in Romania.

This is an ambition we are very determined to make real – we see terror in the stray animals’ eyes fighting to survive on the streets every single second of the day, constantly being chased away, abandoned, killed. We would love to offer these animals a shelter where they can be safe, have food, medical care and all the time they need to relax and decompress while they wait for their forever homes. Our goal will always be to find these animals forever homes. But for some – the shelter can be their only chance at survival if they have an illness, are feral or have severe behavioural issues. We will welcome all needy souls within the shelter offering them the chance they didn’t know they deserved.

If you think this is a good cause to support – please make a small contribution as it will literally save lives! Thank you!

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