Spot with his friend

Success Story – Spot

Spot, rescued and adopted in the UK, Flimwell

On his morning walk, Spot got attacked by a dog. His owner brought him to the vets to be put down and stormed out of the clinic. That’s pretty much all we know about this wonderful elderly bundle of joy. A helpful chain of connections was created and thankfully a lovely lady contacted us to help rehome Spot.

“Love him to bits and we are very lucky to have him living with us! He is definitely spoiled!” – Sarah Knight

Oh my goodness – and what a home we found him: he now lives in the countryside, in a gorgeous house + gorgeous garden, with his new sister Everest the Shih Tzu and a fantastic family who absolutely adore him! He goes on splendid walks through the woods, goes to work with his owner everyday and loves to relax upside down on the sofa at the end of the day! He’s such a lucky dog!


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