Welcome to Tesa’s Rescue

We help cats and dogs from the UK, as well as all over the world, get a second chance! With our small but passionate
group of volunteers, we do our very best to ensure they have a happy future!

About Us

We are a small team of volunteers who work tirelessly to provide rescue animals with a safe present and a bright future.

We foster cats and dogs, socialise them, train the dogs so that they become adoptable and watch them blossom in their forever homes!

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Please take a look at our fundraising page if you wish to see more dogs that could use your help.

Tesa’s Rescue Fundraising

This is our private Facebook group feel welcome to join, participate in our auctions and raffles, or simply watch our online activities, we’re just really happy for you to be part of our friendly group!

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“Such a wonderful charity. I’ve now got my beautiful Carrie who I dread to think what would have happened without their help. Luiza is so helpful and really great at replying to any queries I’ve had along the way. I’m so so grateful for everything you’ve done!”

Mel Gevaux

“I feel so utterly blessed to have found Tesa’s Rescue. What an amazing organisation. There is no end of love and care for the animals they rescue and Luiza took her time in ensuring we (Frosty and our family) were going to be a good match. The communication before, after and during the adoption process is second to none. I can not recommend Tesa’s strongly enough to anyone who is considering getting a pet. This is the only place I would get a new family member from or advise anyone else to get one from!”

Richard Motley

“We had been looking for a dog for over a year before we came across Tesa’s by chance. Every rescue had a blanket ban on homing with children and we just didn’t want to buy into breeding. Luiza made sure to match us to the perfect dog, Ada and has been nothing but helpful in terms of advice and encouragement. With a little patience, some training and a lot of love (both child and dog!) we now have two happy campers!”

Jaimie McLoughlin

“We have had Nigel now for 17 months, I have always rescued dogs from Battersea but Nigel has actually been the easiest to settle considering he was 7 years old and never lived in a homelife situation. He is my 1st older dog and I don’t regret it one minute. We love him so much.”

Samantha Griffiths

“Our beautiful and gentle Molly. Despite everything she has been through she has so much love to give and is the most wonderful addition to our family. I am so pleased we decided to adopt a rescue dog, she has brought joy and happiness to my now complete little family. Thank you Tesa’s rescue!”

Miffy Malone


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