Adoptions at Tesa’s Rescue

Tesa’s Rescue is a very small non profit organisation which aims to help cats and dogs find their forever homes and get a second chance at love and at life. We welcome amazing souls in our foster homes who have been surrendered through no fault of their own. We also welcome amazing souls who have been surrendered due to their behavioural issues. Whether they stay with us for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year we are happy to offer them love, care and patience.

To see what animals are available for adoption please feel welcome to follow our Facebook page/group for updates.

Our Adoption Process

You can express interest in adopting one of our animals, we will contact you directly and we can chat more details about the chosen animal’s personality, needs as well as your lifestyle and what sort of forever home you are able to offer. We will conduct a home check. If all goes well, we can have a meet + greet where you can see and interact with the chosen pet. On the day of the pet going home with you, we will sign an adoption contract and the adoption fee must be found in Tesa’s Rescue bank account, PayPal account, cheque or cash. We will keep the adoption fee for 4 weeks while the pet settles in with you. After 4 weeks, if all goes well, we will redirect the donation towards one of our fund raisers which helps other rescue animals. If for any reason the pet needs to return back to rescue after 4 weeks, we can refund 20% of your adoption fee. We will offer rescue back up for life, we are happy to offer advice on any queries regarding the adopted pet.

Cats and kittens: £100 adoption fee
Puppies and adult dogs: £300 adoption fee
Elderly dogs 10+ : £200 adoption fee