Tesa’s Rescue Romanian Spay and Neuter Campaign

In Romania, people don’t seem on board with the idea of spaying/neutering their pets. We see the stray animals population growing and we know why: people believe that spaying/neutering is mutilating the animal’s body and that every animal should have the chance to become a mother.

Still, as soon as the babies are born, people either kill them or abandon them hoping that someone will take them home as they do not have space. The kind people who would be happy to spay/neuter their pets are postponing the surgeries because the vet prices are too high compared to their income – this will lead to major health issues in their pets. I wish I was wrong, I wish this wasn’t true, but unfortunately as a child/teenager living in Romania I have witnessed such horrible things that nobody should ever experience. I am determined, together with Tesa’s Rescue team, to help prevent and stop this terror.

Our vet suggested low cost surgeries: £15 for any cat, £22 for any dog. These surgeries could then be written down on Tesa’s Rescue bill and we could fund raise to cover the costs. This means that the surgeries will be FREE for people. We aim to spay as many animals as possible to PREVENT babies being abandoned on the streets as soon as they are born, to PREVENT babies from being killed for absolutely no reason at all, to PREVENT the agony of a mother who’s just had her babies taken away, to PREVENT… and STOP… the ever growing stray animals population which is tearing our hearts apart and shattering them in a million pieces. We are hoping to make it easy for people to spay/neuter their pets and we are hoping they will spread the word, as much as we will.

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