Finn and Vicki

Success Story – Finn and Vicki

Finn and Vicki, rescued from Romania, adopted in Germany.

Finn and Vicki were tiny when we saved them off the harsh streets of Romania. With no mum or other siblings in sight, they took shelter in an area full of garbage bins in the hope of finding something to eat. When we took them home for fostering, an epidemic of a deadly cat flu was floating in the air, they struggled and struggled but eventually fought so hard that they won the battle, surviving with no consequences!

“Finn and Vicky are happy! Finn is the best cat dad of the world. If we have foster kittens he always cuddles them and cleans them and plays with them! He cleans everybody here – the old, the young and Lex the big dog! Vicky is calmer – now she is a lady. And still loves her dad! Thank you for these wonderful cats! We love them both!” – Sabrina Porsch

They soon got adopted together and went to live in an fabulous forever home with a family who absolutely adores them, they live with dogs and other cats as well as loads of other foster animals! What a lucky pair of cats!

Please consider adopting a pair of cats or kittens, they have so much fun together and i can promise you won’t regret the decision seeing their bond grow stronger and making you smile everyday with their antics!

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