Success Story – Dolly

Dolly, rescued from Romania, adopted in the UK (Hastings).

This beautiful girl was a stray dog roaming the harsh streets for food. She found shelter near a petrol station where the kind staff had given her a cardboard box to give birth in as she was ready to pop, but unfortunately, all puppies passed away due to harsh weather conditions. The heartbroken staff did what they could and felt very sad that their efforts had been in vain. They could not bear to see the situation repeating and immediately alerted our volunteers about her case.

“Very honest and caring people, Tesa’s Rescue have helped me! Now I have adopted a lovely little dog from Romania!” – Jeanette Coleman

We took her in our rescue yard where she spent months among hundreds other rescue dogs and eventually she found a perfect forever home as she is simply so charming! She now lives with a wonderful forever mum and her cats in the beautiful UK, has a splendid garden to sunbathe in and goes for long walks daily! A completely different life to what she’s ever known – but so well deserved!

Please remember to check with your local rescue when looking to add a new member to your family. They might be able to find the perfect companion for you… Who’s probably lost hope!

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