Bindi cuddling

Success Story – Bindi

Bindi, rescued from Romania, adopted in UK, Suffolk

A 12 year old girl was just finishing her Maths tutoring lessons with her professor – upon leaving, the gentleman asked the girl to “take this and throw it somewhere outside” – speaking of his new kitten, Bindi, whom he didn’t like anymore. The girl took Bindi and pleaded with her family to keep her, but unfortunately they had no possibilities.

 “Bindi is loving life in Bury St. Edmunds and is especially in love with my partner Toby, she constantly snuggles up next to him (especially when I’m not looking). She’s honestly such a sweet cat but has her crazy cat moments zooming around my apartment! Her belly has got a little bit plumper since living with me… oops!” –  Emily Allen

Our volunteers took Bindi in and after years of waiting in rescue, she can finally stretch her paws and show off her adorable belly spots in her forever home, where she is very much loved and spoiled!

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