Success Story – Bessie

Bessie, rescued from Romania, adopted in the UK (Rye).

Bessie happens to be one of the many stray dogs roaming the harsh streets of Romania. We have no background information on her, she was simply found together with her siblings. Abandonment of puppies is a very common practice in Romania, some people do it with ill intent, others in the hope that the puppies will be taken in by someone with a kind heart.

“Bessie is doing amazing. She’s my very best friend. We all love her so so much! We couldn’t imagine life without her! The most amazing thing to happen to us this year!” – Becky Melford

We try to focus on the positive, therefore Bessie is among the lucky ones! She was taken into the rescue yard where she spent her puppyhood and a good chunk of teenage years too, among the hundreds of other rescue dogs waiting for their chance at love and life. Bessie travelled to the UK and was adopted in Rye by a splendid family who absolutely adores her. Bessie returns their love thousandfold and is truly grateful for the amazing future ahead of her! She loves the resident cat and her enriching adventures which she had no clue even existed! Bessie is a very very lucky dog and we wish the same for all rescue animals out there!

Please consider securing the future of a rescue dog. Some may never get out of the shelter, may never experience true bonding with a person, but if you have a bit of time and a bit of space you can make it happen!

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