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Success Story – Belle

Belle, rescued from Romania, adopted in the UK, Leicestershire

Belle was born from a sweet natured stray mummy dog, who had been close to giving birth when the dog catchers chased her, overdosed her on tranquiliser, and dumped her in the cold, filthy local pound. Our volunteers pulled the mummy dog out and she soon gave birth to 4 beautiful, healthy puppies. Among them, there was sweet little Belle. Although she was never mistreated, she hardly socialised with anybody else apart from our volunteer and the dogs in the rescue yard, so she struggled with life in the UK at first – it was beautiful and full of adventures, but Belle wasn’t ready for them. With patience and understanding, we found Belle a splendid forever family who absolutely adore her and are taking their time in showing her the beauties of the world.

“We are eternally grateful for you giving us a chance with Belle. We are well and truly besotted with her, she is our 3rd musketeer!” – Sophie Brown

She now lives with a wonderful couple, who own a beautiful house and large garden where Belle can run around and play! How amazing is that! Belle gets plenty of socialising, love and care! She accompanies her owners to pubs, on holidays and days out. I think Belle is super lucky she’s found such a wonderful family!

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