Bandito on beach

Success Story – Bandito

Bandito, rescued from Romania, adopted in the UK, Hastings

Bandito was a stray dog who tried to find shelter near some offices in the town centre. A group of men, who really did not want him there, began to kick him brutally, he ran in some bushes petrified and they were trying to get him out and shoo him away. A lady working in one of the offices managed to stop the men and take him away, hid him under her desk, petrified herself that her boss would find out.

“Myself and my family fell in love with him before we even got him after seeing his picture and hearing his plight, he was very timid when we first got him into our home , he would hide under the table but very soon he realised we were not going to hurt him, he let us stroke his little head – he loved that , he has now become very confident and a cheeky little chap who enjoys cuddles, walks on the beach and in the park with my other Rescue dog Teddy the Staffie. It’s incredible how this little dog was so badly treated but very quickly trusted us and now enjoys a totally new life full of love and happiness. We can’t thank Luiza enough for making this all possible!” – Jennifer Williamson

Soon, one of our volunteers retrieved the scared boy and he was now finally safe in one of our yards. He had waited several years for his forever home to show up… and eventually it did – and what a home!!! A splendid house by the sea, with an amazing Staffie brother and long walks on the beach, parks and countryside… endless love and attention! It’s all worth the wait!

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